Saturday, April 1, 2017

Printer back to working

It took a bit longer than I intended but my printer is all back to working. I used paracord as sleeving again. It's perfectly sized for four 20-some awg wires. I got the wiring done enough that I could reassemble it and then started it on printing upgrades. A self-upgradable machine is still one of the most amazing things to me. As I'm writing this it's printing this Egg-bot since I've been meaning to the last 2 years for Easter and never got around to it. Anyway, not much to explain, here are some pictures!
Lengthening wires
Extending the right-hand Z axis wiring & sleeving
I used wire sleeving from the auto-parts store of the extruder / carriage wires
The rats nest of my Ramps while printing upgrades

Monday, February 6, 2017

Changes for 2017

I'm not sure there is a need for this post, but anyway. NEW THINGS!! Anyway I just decided to use this as my general blog, instead of focusing ONLY on the developments of various robots and electronics. Which clearly I have not updated this in a while, so here's a quick 3d printer update. Below is the same 3d printer I have been using, slow updates as needed and tested. Right now though you can see it's been eating by cardboard boxes... I was attempting to keep some heat in for a set a prints. It was not a helpful as I thought it would be and makes it difficult to do repairs or get to anything. That has to come apart again, and I'll be rewiring it again, there will be a post for that next week.

And here is the pile of parts for my new Mostly 3d printed CNC, I have most of the mostly printed parts mostly printed... and sitting in a boots box, I'm a bit behind on that.