Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Prusa Mendel 0002

So, this is nearly working now. It's a Prusa Mendel i2, I've tentatively labeled it Prusa 0002, classy right? It turned out that PLA LM8UU bushings needed a little work, I ran an m8 threaded rod through them. When I reinstalled the bushings they work great on the m8 smooth rods. Then I turned up the motor controllers until they didn't whine or overheat. All the axises seem to be working. I managed to print a small gear, that looks great.. 0.28mm layer height, god that looks great. The final problem I have is the extruder is consistently destroying plastic filament instead of pushing it to the extruder hot end.

The machine though is really clean and looks good. All Black ABS, and Green PLA Bushings. The wiring is all cut to length and then I used a green paracord to wrap the wires. The Z-motors actually had to be rewired since the wires weren't long enough to get around the frame and to the base. I'm using a sanguinololu, heated bed, and a budaschnozzle. The Budaschnozzle hot end is great. just great. I'm going to post about each bit that makes this machine unique in the next couple days. until then...

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