Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 2011 Updates

       I found that the firmware I had been using would require too much work going forward and I started a switch to using the Teacup Firmware.  Here's a diff of the changes I made.  I mostly made some small changes to my hardware to match closer to the firmware standard.  It seems to work great, except for a few middling things I still have to figure out, speeds are off.  This also means that I can switch to other host software and I'm presently using the 0025 release of ReplicatorgReprap Host worked well enough, but I can debug a lot easier with Replicatorg and it has included Skeinforge for a while.  Skeinforge is the one thing I don't think I'm changing anytime soon.  I also found in the course of this updating that I'm terrible at electronic design... well I suppose I'm better than I was... because I found the problems. I was terrible, I'm somewhat better now.  I had wired my heated bed in silly way, sharing the 5v- with the 12v+, the resistors were wired in two parallel sets of series resistors, which is now completely in series 12+ and 12-.  I also had added a 5v line to each of the minimum limit sensors... unnecessary with physical switches.  I cleaned up some wiring and fixed the pwm board to add some diodes and change out a transistor.

       Earlier in the month I bought a groove mount thermal barrier from, which I found is based just about 30 minutes north of here... cool shit, on both points. I don't see any reason why to use any other design for a thermal barrier for a while. It's a great design and having tried it with PLA and ABS.  It works, and works well... I'm buying 10 once I have some money.


  1. Hi,

    Why did you change the directions in home.c? That'll completely bork things up- you'll move towards maximum to find the minimum endstop, then any command to move beyond zero will slam your axis into the endstops and grind your motors.

    If your axes are moving the wrong way, you need to define X_INVERT_DIR and friends in your config, revert home.c and leave it alone :)

    If your intention is to use your endstops as max endstops, simply define them as such and teacup will use your soft limits to work out the correct position when it finds them. G28 will automatically seek max endstops if you don't have min stops defined.

  2. For some reason, and I suspect it might be something with my endstop wiring. I could never get it to home properly, even when I changed X_INVERT_DIR. So I just changed the direction there so it would work for now. That's also why I put it on paste bin and not on your forum. It's going back to normal once I fix the endstop wiring.

    Basically, because I'm an idiot, but not in the way you thought. Great, great firmware though.