Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Heated Bed

My previous heated bed was nichrome wire based, I counldn't get it above 60°C, so it wasn't usable for ABS, but worked great for PLA.  It started out as an experiment, and through various hacks I kept it working.  Finally, coming up to another necessary repair I decided to build a new bed. I bought some Ceramic wirewound resistors from Digikey, fireproof, I'm paranoid. I'm first trying to attach them to the same aluminum plate with JB-Weld. I needed a small putty knife to apply the jb-weld to small ceramic blocks, so a couple lines of openscad later:

cube([50,10,1], center = true);
translate([15,0,0])cube([30,15,1], center = true);

I have a putty knife the exact size. For now, I'm just waiting for the jb-weld to dry. If the jb-weld doesn't hold for the comparatively low temperatures needed for a heated bed... well I'll have to figure something else out...

the putty knife is on thingiverse now


  1. I've used JB weld on my extruder heater without problems, so at low temperatues, like on a heated bed, it should be fine.