Thursday, February 10, 2011

PLA tests

I've read a few places that PLA is difficult to use in the warmer places of a reprap, that it can warp, and deform.  I haven't seen anything definitive, just some anecdotes, so I have some testing to do.  I'm printing up a prusa X-axis and extruder to replace the ABS bits on my reprap.  I'm making them as a direct snap in replacement. I should be able to keep the same Skeinforge settings, print for a while and see how it comes out.
In other news I'm using my heated bed again, it makes PLA prints almost perfect.  I still get little the "character" of PLA issues; blobs, hair-like strings, but distinctly much better than anything I've done before.  Unfortunately this bed, as it is, will not work for ABS, I can only get it up to about 60C.

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