Friday, January 7, 2011

Sate of the Machine 2011

State of my repstrap:
It works, it works consistently, but there was much changed and adapted to get to this point. For myself and for anyone else on so perilous a path I thought I should document what finally worked to get this PITA to work.  I'm going to spend 2011 working to produce as many repraps as I can, many of the problems I've had over the last year could have been solved much quicker by having a second machine.  I have to figure out where I'll be selling the ones I don't keep, for the time being it's likely to be eBay.
the heap that finally worked

Things added;

heater board (PWM Driver 1.1)

Dc driver board

Plastruder Mk4

arduino proto shield, sorry don't remember from where

Thermistor board

Old computer Power Supply, to replace the 18v PS

washer flywheels, I needed a fly wheel on either end of the X axis threaded rod. This though I'm finding is making the X-axis inaccurate because the threaded rod overturns.

Blue Painter's tape on wood base, the original plexiglass build plate warped terribly.  But presently I'm printing on a plexiglas plate on top of my heated bed, which is off... as it doesn't get warm enough for ABS

IDE Cable; I found splitting some old ide cables where needed made for cleaner wiring

5W-30 motor oil, I needed oil... I had it on hand, probably not the BEST idea

Things lost:

2 - 3 thermistors, yea I broke a few when making and remaking extruder nozzles

Feet of nichrome wire, well I kept it and ended up using it to make a heated bed

many feet of Kapton tape, but I still have more

patience... I totally lost it a few times

pounds of ABS... it's all in a box, hopefully I can recycle it some how in the future. Or I'll throw it out when the box is full

I managed to print Wade's Extruder and have been using that with much MUCH success.  The Makerbot MK4 / Dc Driver board have been relegated to backup status.

The path forward:

I've been working on printing a Prusa Mendel out of ABS, most of the printed parts are done.  Some of the parts are being adapted right now to replace the Z and X axis on my present machine.  I want to replace the threaded rod X-axis, which means I have to replace the Z-axis. That is coming in the next couple days and weeks.  I bought some black PLA from Ultimachine a week or so ago, I'm going to try switching to PLA for a while starting later today.

I've been thinking about a modified Makerbot I might make make in the course of the year... more about this at another time.

I had been keeping extensive notes on my computer before Christmas, I'll post those as soon as I edit them for readability.  Going foward I'll be keeping my daily notes on this blog, seems like a good use of this space.

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