Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catalyst meet PLA

Trying to get PLA to print, I'm working at printing wade's extruder, it's jamming on occasion. I'm turning up the the temperature 5 degrees from 190 hoping this will prevent jamming.  I was considering an oily sponge connected through my bowden cable But I'm trying out just turning up the heat a bit.  I found there was a blockage, a large blob above the thermal barrier and below the nut holding the bowden cable to the hot end.  This might be a reason to remove the bowden cable.
*disassemble extruder*

That was the jam that stopped the extruder... how to fix this...
trying to print again...

I think the problem is a result of metal conducting heat up to the nut holding the hot end of the bowden cable in place, PLA expands or simply melts enough into a blob and bob's your uncle.

I don't think it's likely that using a bowden cable with PLA is workable.

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