Friday, December 10, 2010


My repstrap is running almost 24/7 now.  There's still a lot of failure but it's getting better.  I'm working right now at printing large objects without a heated bed.  Turns out the default raft settings are not really sufficient for a large object.  I've found they worked fine for small things; belt holders, bar clamps, snowflakes... whatever. But for anything greater than 5cm on a side I would start to get warping.

I managed to get all the small parts for two Prusa Mendels printed, and I'm slowly SLOWLY working my way through the large bits with Frame Vertexes first.  As you can see I got one side of one machine done already.  I'm planning, as I did with the Wade Extruder I printed last month, to keep one and sell one.  Hopefully before the beginning of 2011 I'll have a fully working Prusa Mendel and then I can start dismantling my Catalyst to make another Mendel of some form.  Really, at this point it's just the threaded rod X-axis that's the problem, since, I've had to upgrade and change SO much just to get it to work.  But to replace the X-axis I have to replace the smooth bars because they're oversized, and the Z-axis then because the new bars won't fit in the Z bits. And then the top bar also to fit anything else properly... at that point I'm replacing half the machine.  I'm replacing half the machine after it makes a reprap.

SOOOooo rafts. I found here a suggestion about using only the Base raft in skeinforge, but very large and dense. long story short it works much better for large objects, and When I find a setting in Skeinforge that works great I'll be posting it here.  I cannot wait to make a new reprap, this machine is SLOOooooW.  And here's the frame vertexes I'm printing; posted to thingiverse.

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