Friday, December 24, 2010

Skeinforge upgrade

I accidently forced myself into upgrading to Skeinforge version 37, the most recent. I was using 33, which was working well enough, when I noticed today that it was doing some very strange things processing objects. Apparently over the lunar eclipse / solstice I ran replicatorG with Skeinforge 35.  I don't really remember doing this, but it broke everything with the two programs writing to the same .skeinforge folder. So I'm going through all my present settings again.

this is on by default now, I'm leaving it as is

leaving at defaults

this was on, but I've turned it off, I still don't have a working heated bed, or chamber

I lowered clip / perimeter width from 0.5 to 0.05

Best thing ever, of course it's on

 I turned this off, I don't have anything that cools at present

I of course turned this on since I have a stepper extruder. left at defaults for now.

nothing here

I only changed two things here
extra shells on base to 3 from 1
solid surface thickness to 2 from 3.  If I needed something to actually be water tight I'd leave solid surface thickness at 3.

This is still off, but I'd like to try it out at some point soon.

Off, I have a G28 added into start.gcode to home

still off, default

I haven't the slightest clue what this does, so I'm just leaving it on

this isn't really necessary, but I like to not have seams

off, defaults

On, defaults.

Last week I started using this all the time.
center X     50mm
center Y     50mm
number of colums   1
number of rows      1

which of course makes one object right in the center of the built platform.

off, I really have no use for this with a stepper extruder. But maybe I misunderstand the use of oozebane.

start at home off, and I have both start.gcode and end.gcode in .skeinforge/alterations.  This is great to automate printing, if I set these properly I can just hit print and go on to other things.

I struggle with this every other day. For now it's set at defaults, but higher density on Base and Interface 0.77 and 0.7 respectively. For small objects this is overkill, but on large things it reduces warping enough that they're usable.

this is new?!? I'm not sure that this does, I assume adjusts scale of axes. Off for now.

God I wish I could turn these up, but at present I have;
Feed rate 5.5
Flow rate 5.6
Travel Feed rate 5.0

off, I have not used this yet, but I may in the future. I find starting the extruder a little before printing does help it stick.

This is on my short list of things to learn to use, but it's presently off

Base 240.0
interface 220
Object First layer infill  225
Object First Layer Perimeter 230
Object Next Layers 230
Support Layers 220
Supported Layers Temperature 230
I don't suggest these temperatures for anyone else, I cannot be sure how accurate my thermistor is. These settings are working for me for now.

off, defaults. I've never found a use for this.

off, defaults


off, defaults.

Again I cannot suggest that anyone else use these settings, I'm still using a wonky threaded rod repstrap for now.

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