Friday, November 5, 2010

Sep 9, 2010 firmware changes

I have had nothing but problems getting a working extruder. The original Profounddevices extruder did not work at all, and it took me 4 attempts to make a good hot end. The hot end is awesome now, the only problem is an occasional small plug which when fully heated for a few minutes ceases to be an issue. but the drive end what the hell... I ended up buying a makerbot mk4 extruder and I'm working to fit it to my machine now. The firmware I was using, I forked from Nick Mccoyn's does not support a DC motor extruder. So I've started into firmware hacking, when I know very little c or c++, just started learning c++ a month ago. I did find on github David Buzz is working on a 5D reprap firmware that supports the arduino328p and DC motor extruders. SOooo maybe I can get that to work.

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