Friday, November 5, 2010

reprap notes 11042010

it seems the default settings move the machie much too fast and the extruder is crawling but working consistently.. need to lower feedrate a great deal

no changes, updated firmware, I had forgotten to
I just saw the speed problem I have max feedrate set at 600 mm/s should be 350

corrected settings, I believe
changed dump location resaving wades_gear_C.gcode
This looks a hellofalot closer to printing an object
forgot about the backlash problem... have to solve with host
layer 3/51 for some reason x and y moving incredibly slow towards home
going home between layers? adds a lot to build time
2:23pm 5/51 leaving to take a shower
2;44pm 14/51 still working, some small burnt places
try with shield off next time, it doesn't seem to be printing
3:16pm 26/51 still working
3:20 26/51 extruder crawling reverse... why?
3:28 running forward now...
3:30 looks like it's cooled off while crawling
3:42 31/51 printing teeth on gears isn't going so well, extruder needs to be faster

I cannot find anyting wrong with the Gcode file... so the issue has to be with the firmware or communication from host to firmware. but how do I figure out which it is?

downloading newest skeinforge...
Looking at this and thinking more about this; I have to start over with Skeinforge, it was foolish to think I could use my previous settings. This is a completely different machine from my previous settings.

backing up .skeinforge to skeinforge.old
setup with default skeinforge settings
turn dimension on
turn chamber off
Base Temperature (Celcius): 235
Interface Temperature (Celcius): 220
Object First Layer Infill Termperature 220
Object First Layer Perimeter Temperature 220.0
Object Next Layers Temperature 235
Support layers Temperature 200.0
Supported layers Temperature 230.0

Feedrate (mm/s): //how best to calculate this? 10.0
Flow Rate (mm/s): 10.0
Travel Feed Rate(mm/s) 10.0

Max Feed rate in Gcode is F960.0

Feed Rate: 5.0
Flow Rate: 5.0
Travel Feed Rate 5.0

This looks more printable

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