Friday, November 5, 2010

Oct 9, 2010 Starting with Skeinforge

I'm actually working with SkeinFox, a
Skeinforge front end developed for the Macintosh. I'm working on creating a working profile for my linux server that runs my catalyst repstrap. Reading through and changing my first skeinforge settings, I've come to realize I need a caliper... I guess I'll make do for now. I'm starting with a Makerblock post about calibrating Skeinforge for a makerbot.

Working fromConfiguring Skeinforge on the Makerbot wiki I'm going to start from the recommendations here and change as needed to fit my machine. Starting with the Flat Calibration Square Mentioned in the wiki I'll work my way up to full 3D objects.

  1. Skeinforge Tuning and Calibration Makerblock post

  2. Configuring Skeinforge Makerbot wiki

  3. Calibration Flat Square Thingiverse object

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