Friday, November 5, 2010

Oct 29, 2010 FiveD_on_Arduino

Still trying to grok a configuration that will work with my machine. I found I had to adjust some of config.h, a thermistor table in temp.c and check through everything in arduino_168_328p.h . Originally when I thought I had it working around lunch today It turned out I could not get anything with temperatures working. No T: response to reprap host and unable to turn the heater on. I just found the thermistor table before starting to write this and I found a setting for reprap host compatibility which I believe I have set correctly now. The copy of host I've been using is a nightly build 20100713, apparently there was communication protocol change with 20100806. I might have to upgrade soon, which won't be an issue anymore since I have a stepper extruder now.

And after a download of the most recent reprap host release, 20100806, still no response for temperature. Also when I tried to home I found the end stops don't work... crap. I Know that I have inverted endstops, perhaps that's the problem... Oh well I'll get back to it later. I've switched reprap host preferences to use 115200 baud and in my firmware so I don't have to worry about it in the future.

...reading though,33082 it seems that endstops aren't full implemented yet? and thermistor support was only added recently... thankfully reprap forums have rss, so I can just add this google reader.

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