Friday, November 5, 2010

Oct 27, 2010 Wade Extruder Installed

I finally have my wade extruder installed I have been having trouble with the 5d firmware I was using previously. God damn it needs updated... I'm also going to try out triffid's 5d firmware. I think I'd also like to tryout the z wobble arrester for the makerbot on my X axis axis. It wobbles allll over the place . It doesn't really matter all that much but it bothers me.

later... Ok so I have some rewiring done. I removed the heated bed and thermistor board I had attached, I moved some connections around to work better with Triffid's FiveD_on_Arduino firmware. But at present I'm working with the FiveD reprap firmware fork I created a couple months ago. My fork is working, but does have some bugs and I think I'd be better served learning and using Triffid's firmware. I know enough to know that I'm not much of a programmer.

So all told I have a working stepper based extruder, I'm trying out printing to 1mm acrylic sheet sandwiched atop 3-ply wood board. The hot end I'm using is still from the Plastruder Mk4, it's oozing a bit around the heat barrier but it works. Unfortunately I'm using a bowden cable to connect the wade extruder to the hot end. I'd prefer directly driving it but I'd have to completely redesign and rebuild the X-axis closer to Mendel. I think the Z-axis will stay, I noticed Josef Prusa is using something similar in his new reprap. I'd like to also change the Y-axis to something similar to Mendel or Huxley so I can put ALL the electronics under the machine, protected and out of the way. We'll see what I can get to tomorrow...

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