Friday, November 5, 2010

Oct 21, 2010 Heated Bed Bugs

bed bugIn trying to print to my heated bed I found a few issues. ABS will not stick to the surface already on the bed, I cannot seem to get it to heat above 55 C, I'm concerned about out gassing at higher heats (from the unknown surface) and meow. crap. I'm sanding off the surface and replacing with kapton tape, it seems to work for everyone else. As to the heat, I could just wire up the nichrome wire to the wall outlet as the fish tank heater originally was. There isn't anything to that circuit; a thermostat and a high heat cutoff (in case of failure). Of course I'm only using a small amount of the total resistance that was originally in the circuit. Instead of the thermostat I'd use the thermistor as is, and open the circuit with a relay. But I'd have to add in more resistance or lower the voltage in some other way...

It seems the heated bed, even with a raft, has no effect with ABS. I need to increase the temperature of the bed or switch to PLA, which I have not tried printing with yet.

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