Friday, November 5, 2010

Oct 20, 2010 skeinfox whoops...

So today I tried to make a gcode of wade's extruder block, the one piece I need to replace the plastruder I'm using now, and firmware. I was hoping that I could print it with a raft and cooler heated bed, about 60celsius. But instead I got an error from skeinfox in it's console. I'm really not sure what is going on here, a problem with python? I think it means I need a backup of skeinforge... time to setup skeinforge on my linux box, I can fix this later.

File /Users/jnfischer/Desktop/M8_Extruder_Block_3.stl is being chain exported.
Carve procedure took 9 seconds.
Preface procedure took 0 seconds.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/Users/jnfischer/Reprap/", line 302, in
File "/Users/jnfischer/Reprap/", line 297, in main
writeOutput( ' '.join( sys.argv[ 1 : ] ) )
File "/Users/jnfischer/Reprap/", line 259, in writeOutput
craft.writeOutput( fileName )
File "/Users/jnfischer/Reprap/", line 76, in writeOutput
pluginModule.writeOutput( fileName )
File "/Users/jnfischer/Reprap/", line 163, in writeOutput
gcodeText = consecution.getChainTextFromProcedures( fileName, procedures[ : - 1 ], gcodeText )
File "/Users/jnfischer/Reprap/", line 41, in getChainTextFromProcedures
text = craftModule.getCraftedText( fileName, text )
File "/Users/jnfischer/Reprap/", line 104, in getCraftedText
return getCraftedTextFromText( gcodec.getTextIfEmpty( fileName, text ), repository )
File "/Users/jnfischer/Reprap/", line 114, in getCraftedTextFromText
return WidenSkein().getCraftedGcode( gcodeText, repository )
File "/Users/jnfischer/Reprap/", line 245, in getCraftedGcode
self.parseLine( line )
File "/Users/jnfischer/Reprap/", line 279, in parseLine
self.addWiden( self.rotatedBoundaryLayer )
File "/Users/jnfischer/Reprap/", line 236, in addWiden
widenedLoop = getWidenedLoop( widdershinsLoop, clockwiseInsetLoops, outsetLoop, self.perimeterWidth, self.tinyRadius )
File "/Users/jnfischer/Reprap/", line 158, in getWidenedLoop
intersectingWithinLoops = getIntersectingWithinLoops( loop, loopList, outsetLoop )
File "/Users/jnfischer/Reprap/", line 120, in getIntersectingWithinLoops
if getIsIntersectingWithinLoop( loop, otherLoop, outsetLoop ):
File "/Users/jnfischer/Reprap/", line 128, in getIsIntersectingWithinLoop
return euclidean.isPathInsideLoop( otherLoop, loop ) != euclidean.isPathInsideLoop( otherLoop, outsetLoop )
File "/Users/jnfischer/Reprap/", line 1293, in isPathInsideLoop
leftPoint = getLeftPoint( path )
File "/Users/jnfischer/Reprap/", line 709, in getLeftPoint
for pointComplex in points:
TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable

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