Friday, November 5, 2010

Oct 20, 2010 Skeinforge on Bebop

Skeinfox is based on 2010-02-25_skeinforge... I want to stick as close to the same release so I can simply copy over my settings and have them work. I found on the skeinforge download page a listing for 2010-02-21 and 2010-03-01. I'm trying the latter first, lucky 13. Installed in ~/bin... AND tkinter is missing.
apt-cache search tkinter
blah blah python-tk blah blah
sudo apt-get install python-tk
jeremy@Bebop:~/bin/Skeinforge 13$ python

pff that was easy, now I just have to move over some configuration files from ~/.skeinforge on my mac

adding skeinforge to my Applications menu in gnome, the path is /home/jeremy/bin/Skeinforge 13/ . But it does need an icon...

Skeinforge is working on bebop with my settings from Skeinfox. At first I got the same error as before, but on a different computer. Trying a different object; worming_bearing_block_export.stl . Well that worked, so the extruder block stl is the problem?

It was the file. I had another copy of extruder_block_3.stl, where I had turned the block, that worked fine. An hour folly actually got everything working on by reprap box. sweet.

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