Friday, November 5, 2010

Nov 4, 2010 *grumble...*

I've been trying to find some terrible gremlin in between the firmware, reprap host, and skeinforge's Gcode... it turns out it was a result of a change in process_g_code.pde with M108 going from setting extruder temperature to max extruder speed. This has resulted in the heater not turning on at times and possibly what I thought was a problem with interrupts... now I need to fix it... OH wait I was wrong...

Ok here's the problem. standard Gcodes across machines software and tool chains... why not? is everyone using reprap as the standard? Do I need to upgrade? I cannot upgrade, so do how do I fix this, I need to decide on one end to change. the Firmware is the only part of the toolchain that I presently know how to and can change quickly. But this then sets me upon a path of modding my firmware by hand into the future for an indeterminate time.

Now I can't find anything wrong with the Gcode processor... trying different skeinforge settings
nevermind skeinforge, I think Dimension is also an issue...
trying reprap host for gcode

Clearly a moment of wtf is wrong with me...? I don't know.

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