Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Y-Axis

I'm finally moving away from the problematic Catalyst design.  My first step is changing out the Y-axis, which is the slower between X and Y... why?, I'm not sure.  So I'm making it into a belt design, somewhat more standard fare for a reprap/repstrap. I'm working from the Prusa Mendel design because of the simplicity of it and fewer parts that need to be printed.  My repstrap is ungodly slow...  Once I have it finished I'll post all the design files on Thingiverse.  I've been tweaking the Prusa mendel files in openscad...
I broke the bed the night before, so it was back to Blue Tape.

Bed removed, exposing the threaded rod to it's fate.

I'm keeping this stuff around just in case this new y-axis fails and I have to print other parts.

Amara is not very helpful.

Adding in belt and y-motor attached to new bracket.  Using wood bed as "squished frog" to test bits.

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