Friday, November 5, 2010

May 28, 2010 Testing Temperature and Extruding

All temperatures in Celcius

210 too cold barely moves
220 not moving
230 not moving, wiped might be blocked now
240 not moving
245 slow movement
250 extruding slow, working, popping sound
252 very easy moving
254 as well, curling more, more popping while not moving
256 just as easy lots of popping while stopped and little while moving
258 browning slight but easy moving, reprap host froze temp at 255 does not show 258 does not move
smoking from extruder somewhere
... now it's dropping

testing extrude button in Extruder 0 no reaction, I thought this would move extruder motor this is the last thing...

I've decided to set the target temperature for 252 since it moved and the wide variance high to low of the temperature, it looks like about 10c. At 256 and 258 the plastic is yellowed a bit and is more brittle than the other temps. Now back to figure out what's going on with the Extruder Stepper. THAT is the last thing.

It looks like I need to do this again. That temperature, even with it uncalibrated seems too high...

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