Friday, November 5, 2010

May 11, 2010 The Story so far...

Catalyst reprap...
added generation 2 electronics from makerbot store, among other places
  • PWM Driver board

  • Temperature sensor v2.0

  • slighly modified ATX Power supply

  • a breakout shield (to solder connections for arduino)

  • it's mostly about stability and usability. I'm bothered with the original temperature sensor and heater plans on but don't want more than one powersupply. I wasn't sure if an ATX power supply would work, but the pdf says the minimum for the driver board is 12V... a 12+ and gnd from the power supply and the LEDs all light up *shrug*. Even the Axis A, which I had to replace a power regulator previously because it snapped in shipping, thank you Mouser Electronics. I'll add some pictures after I have it all together finally. And a more full write up when I'm ready to attempt printing finally, with whatever firmware I have working then. Right now the firmware is a lot of mish-mash from various things, unfinished, generally unusable... fun times

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