Friday, November 5, 2010

jun 8, 2010 Catalyst Fixes and Rebuilds

Today I started working at some small fixes before I start printing. The X-axis in some tests has bothered me moving around. The Extruder shaft was wiggling and there was too much play in X movement, so restructuring and super-glue fix. I'm waiting for it to dry to test again.

While I was doing that I was homing the Z axis again, because as a result of my repairs the extruder shaft is about 10mm shorter. Fortunately I put some tape flags on top of the z-axis threaded rods. I noticed that the left Z-axis rod was not turning consistently with the right one. Turns out the plastic fish tank air tube that I used was slipping. So I have to change that out now, but I don't want to move the X-axis... glue... I moved the x-axis up to tie it to the upper bracing while pulling everything apart when I noticed the right drive screw is slipping also

So now the Z-axis has to be rebuilt too. I was going to wait over night for the glue to dry but now i want everything working for tomorrow. So careful repairs are going to continue for the day... yeaaah... pictures to come with edit tomorrow...

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