Friday, November 5, 2010

Jun 4, 2010 Catalyst doing list

Mendel Catalyst

Profound Devices

finish rebuilding/finishing catalyst

  • use a sharpie to measure the distance for revolution on y axis

  • reuse distance found for y axis, try on z

  • stick to reprap host

  • according to suggested mendel setup I got this just about right. Find some way to measure
    distances, then calculate the number of steps, and set in reprap host

    Catalyst to do list

    listed as when added

  • all motors and motor circuits working

  • atx power supply workingand for CNC board too

  • temperature and heater

  • Z min and/or max
    X, Y, and Z min, soft max in firmware

  • reverse X,Y,Z direction

  • test print

  • arduino breakout board shield

  • pwm driver rebuilt as shield with thermistor sensor
    but a dedicated shield design would be better

  • look into this stuff

  • look into difference between present firmware G_code_interpreter and 5D_intepreter

  • Reverse extruder when stops for cleaner build using FiveD_GCode not a worry now

  • Gcode or some way to calibrate printer (end stops may solve this) added minimums can home now

  • try a replicatorg setup, because Reprap host sucks for control... or I don't get it

  • push through filament test extruding

  • Configuration Methods from

  • reprap tweaking from

  • super glue Xbar carriage, there's too much play and it's flexing before it actually moves when moving X direction

  • maybe a full rebuild of X carriage

  • I understand both replicatorG and Reprap host better now, both may eventually work on the mac without virtualization but presently the best is reprap host on Ubuntu for THIS printer. ReplicatorG will be useful with a sanguino based electronics setup, but has not fully supported basic Arduino Gcode for some time. I cannot get the serialpassthrough driver to work on OSx 10.6.3

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