Friday, November 5, 2010

Jul 17, 2010 New Yaxis oddness

I was about to try printing something finally, so I homed all the axises after the computer came up. For some reason Y went in the opposite direction to home. I reset the machine and tried again, thinking this was just some glitch similar to when my extruder was reversing if I restarted the reprap host with the reverse check box checked... But no, Y is still going the wrong way. I changed INVERT_Y_DIR from 1 to 0 in parameters.h . Which worked, or so I thought.

I decided to find out with the full dimensions of build area are, so I started stepping Z up and then I was going to try Y. When I clicked to step Y 10mm it went out about 5 and came back to home... uh what?... so... uh what? Once more I reversed INVERT_Y_DIR and it homed ok, but when I tried to nudge it out 10mm it goes out a little bit and rushes back toward home. And again when I tried to go out further, 100mm with the "go" button in the Reprap host. It goes out a little bit, looks good, and rushes back to home, and keeps going despite the minimum switch...

I'm presently using the July 13 2010 nightly build of the Reprap Host, so I switched to the July 2 2010 standard release. "Home Y"; worked ok, moved all the axises out 10mm; worked, and "Home All"; worked...

I switched back to the nightly build I was using... same thing, it all worked... now I'm back to where I was at the beginning of the day with everything working, and I don't know WHY!?!

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