Friday, November 5, 2010

January 7, 2010 Reprap-repstrap

A new macbook pro, and a lot of bored unemployed time... I'm going to build a 3d printer. I'd like to start with a version 2 reprap "Mendel" but obviously don't have the money to just buy one. So I'm sourcing parts and information to make a repstrap. I already have a lot of things and I think I can get more by thrifting. I'm going to start with Generation 2 electronics on a Mcwire design cartesian robot. I have an arduino already that I'm not using... well I actually bought it to ultimately build this, I wanted to get to know arduinos first. So next is stepper motor controller boards. I'm going to use the 3rd generation driver boards since they're backwards compatible with generation 2 electronics. I'll post a list / plan later on.
So I found some wooden mendel based repstraps, so I'm not sure which design to start with. Mendel as a design seems rather complicated to make out of wood. But i have a lot of scrap wood and plywood laying around in the garage. The Mcwire design has been used over and over... hand tooled together, old, stable, more documentation. It may be a quicker, and cheaper way to start with a wood mendel. I really only NEED it to work long enough to print the parts for another mendel....

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