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Jan 4, 2010 things to test

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Re: Catalyst Mendel continued development

Posted by: AphoticJezter ()

Date: April 29, 2010 05:37PM

Ok, so I did some reading and matching up the specs in the datasheets and had a couple interesting findings.

1) I goofed when reading the dips. (ok maybe that isn't interesting) The board was actually configured for 1/8th steps and not full steps. It's full stepping that wasn't working, and according to the arduino source, this appears to be as designed.

2) The Z-Axis motors, being hooked up in parallel will consume twice as much current as the other steppers. I've tuned the board to provide 1.0 amp to the Z axis, while the X and Y axes appear to work fine at the factory default of 0.5 amps

3) The pinout on the motors is A+ A- B+ B-, while the pinout on the controller board is A+ A- B- B+ This means that they should not be wired straight through, but should be wired with either pair swapped. In my case I've rewired my motors so that the B pair is swapped.

In case this helps anyone, when facing the controller board with the stepper terminals at the bottom, each terminal corresponds to the stepper wires in this order: Orange, Blue, Yellow, Red

This is based off the datasheet I posted earlier, which isn't for these specific steppers but hopefully the wiring colors are consistent.



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stumbled on this looking for reversing extruder blah blah to reduce 'string...' blah

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